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Patient Information
  • First Visit:  *Please bring current x-rays from your previous dental home
  •                     *A list of medications you are currently taking
  •                     *Insured patients please bring a copy of insurance card 
  •                     *Please print and fill out new patient forms and bring to your first appointment

  • Scheduling: *Please allow 90 minutes for new patient appointments for adults and 60 minutes for children
  •                     *If you are experiencing pain or have a dental emergency we will try to see you as soon as possible
  •                     *Please understand we occasionally have delays in appointments due to emergencies. Your patience
  •                       is very much appreciated. Please make note: 24 HR CANCELLATION REQUIRED
  •                     *Appointments failed or cancelled less than 24 hours in advance will require a $50/hr charge

  • Insured Patients: *Please be aware our office manager deals with insurances on a daily basis to gather  
  •                                 information on your specific plan. It is your responsibility to understand the limitations of your plan
  •                                 and necessary copays and deductibles. Insurances can also downgrade certain procedures. We
  •                                 will do our best to inform you of the information we gather. Please note that we can not give you an
  •                                 exact estimate on what insurance will pay. Our computer generates an ESTIMATE only and is
  •                                 usually not exact, since insurance companies do not release their fees to us until the claim is paid
  •                                 on. In the event that insurance request additional information, we may contact you to gather
  •                                 the information. If you do not provide the information in a timely manner we will expect payment in
  •                                 full for procedures done and we will allow you to communicate with your dental insurance plan to 
  •                                 receive payment. REMEMBER: INSURANCE IS AN AGREEMENT BETWEEN YOU AND YOUR
  • Patient Forms: